If you always do the right thing, you’ll never be wrong…..

Global Amusement Consulting (GAC) offers a unique work experience created by a culture that is true to our core values, and purpose.  Personal accountability and responsibility are necessary requirements for a role in GAC.

ValuesIt’s what’s right.  It’s what we stand for.  It’s what will and won’t be tolerated.  It’s who we are.

Our Values guide us.  They provide an acceptable code of conduct governing behavior.  They identify people willing to put in a high degree of effort, establish proficiency, and define character.  Strong values result in high trust, high performing organizations.  Our values reflect what we hold sacred, and for our future organizational aspirations.

Our GAC Values are:

Integrity ~ Teamwork ~ Adaptability ~ Accountability ~ Compassion ~ Fun

Efficiency ~ Work/Life Balance ~ Personal Growth ~ Gratitude

Every action we take individually, and collectively as a company fulfilling our purpose, reflects these values.  If these principles don’t align with your beliefs, then we are not an organization for you.


Purpose ~ Our True North.  It is a shared ideology and universal belief system that permeates the entire organization.

Our purpose inspires and guides us, while creating loyalty among our clients and customers.  Our purpose attracts people who genuinely feel they can give themselves to something that matters passionately to them.  It is what we stand for.  It is Why we exist.

Our GAC Purpose:

To create wonderful memorable experiences that enhance lives.